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This is a test article for Tulsa
I. Do Not Know, Nov 13, 2018
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WI DOJ Launches Program To Address Backlog Of Untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
Laurel White, Wisconsin Public Radio, Jan 30, 2017
A new initiative by the Wisconsin Department of Justice and a sexual assault prevention group aims to decrease the backlog of sexual assault evidence kits in the state. The initiative, called “By Your Side,” reaches out to survivors of sexual assault who have had kits collected and provides connections tosupport services. Read the full story or visit to learn more.

Rapist snagged by palm print match in 2006 case pleads guilty
Rachel Dissell,, Jan 25, 2017
A rape and attempted murder case went unsolved for almost a decade until Cleveland, Ohio police reinvestigated it and tested evidence with updated technology. When DNA testing did not yield a match, investigators turned to other methods leading to an arrest for the unsolved crime. In January 2017, the perpetrator admitted to attempted murder and rape. He is linked to cases of aggravated burglary, kidnapping, and felonious assault. For more information, read the full story.

Memphis police say all untested rape kits will be sent to lab within 6 months
Kendall Downing, WBRC Fox 6 News, Jan 17, 2017
The last of Memphis, Tennessee's unsubmitted rape kits will be sent to the lab for testing within the first 6 months of 2017. As of December 2013, there were more than 12,000 untested kits. From the kits testing already, 1,728 investigations have been opened, and 385 remain active. In court, so far 12 defendants have been found guilty, 1 found not guilty, 11 trials set, and 139 cases pending in criminal court. To learn more, read the full article.

Attorney General Mark Herring announces $2 million grant to test remaining rape kits across Virginia
WRIC Newsroom, Jan 11, 2017
Virginia was awarded additional funding to complement its existing award from the District Attorney of New York. The funds will be used to test any remaining backlogged rape kits, develop a new tracking system, develop specialized training for law enforcement relating to trauma-informed victim interaction, and preventing gender bias. To learn more about the work being done in Virginia, read the full article.

Eight arrests made from latest rape kit backlog tests
Christy Wilcox, Las Vegas News, Dec 17, 2016
As a result of federal CODIS DNA hits, Las Vegas metro police have arrested eight sexual predators. This comes after 473 kits were analyzed as part of Nevada’s grant funding to end the backlog of rape kits in the state. Notably, Nevada is one of only three sites to receive federal grant money 2 years in a row. To learn more about Nevada’s efforts to address the SAK backlog, read the full article and watch the associated video.

Rape survivor, exoneree credit testing of old DNA samples with solving cases
Naheed Rajwani, Dallas News, Dec 15, 2016
Victims of rape and unlawful imprisonment gathered together in support of a bill that would renew the federal program that gives law enforcement agencies funding to test backlogged sexual assault kits. This bill would allow Dallas, Texas police to test SAKs that were collected from 1996 to 2011. Officials noted the importance in testing SAKs, especially to catch serial perpetrators. To learn more, read the full article.

Santa Fe PD is ahead in processing rape kits—because they already cleaned out a freezer full of them
Elizabeth Miller, Santa Fe Reporter, Dec 14, 2016
In January 2014, officers at the Santa Fe Police Department began processing 313 sexual assault evidence kits, the results of which have already helped to solve cases. New Mexico has been awarded a federal grant to assist public safety personnel in processing old kits and developing a system to track new kits and send them to a lab for processing in a timely manner. To learn more, read the full article.

First results from backlogged rape kits reopen 4 cases
Mark Vanderhoff, WLKY Kentucky, Dec 7, 2016
As a result of a recent submission of backlogged sexual assault kits, Louisville police have reopened four cold cases, with more to come throughout Kentucky.

Audit points to causes of New Mexico's rape kit backlog
Susan Montoya Bryan, AP The Big Story, Dec 6, 2016
A recent audit in New Mexico noted that the state leads the nation in untested rape kits per capita, and that one-fifth of the SAKs were untested. New Mexico’s federal grant award will help the state test these backlogged SAKs and develop a tracking system for future SAKs. For more information on New Mexico’s backlog, read the full article.

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