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Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) GranteeCity of Portland (Oregon)

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The City of Portland received $1,189,790 in FY2015 to test 1,754 unsubmitted sexual assault kits (SAKs) and to develop the Sexual Assault Management System (SAMS) database. Portland Police Bureau (PPB) then received a supplemental award of $1 million in FY2016, which was used to implement SAMS database upgrades, conduct regional SAK-related trainings, provide overtime pay for victim advocates, and support investigative travel. In FY2018, PPB received $1.5 million to support the investigation and prosecution of cold case sexual assaults as unsubmitted SAKs were tested. A working group developed an advocacy response for victims who may be retraumatized by the discovery of new evidence; the working group also created a hotline and webpage to support victims. The webpage includes details about how to contact the working group and about each case's investigation status. Additionally, Portland is providing training for investigators, district attorneys, and victim advocates.

Find out more information about the Rose Project in Portland. Any sex crime victim who had a SAK collected in Portland can contact the Rose Project to find out more information about the status of their SAK: 503-823-0125 or

For more information on the specific SAKI awards for this site, see the table below.

City of Portland Funding

Year Amount Purpose Area
FY2015 $1,189,790 Comprehensive Approach to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits
FY2016 - supplemental award $1,000,000 Comprehensive Approach to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits
FY2018 $1,500,000 Investigation and Prosecution of Cold Case Sexual Assaults

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Testing of Oregon's shelved sexual assault kits nets first 5 DNA matches
Aimee Green, The Oregonian, Oct 3, 2016
Prosecutors are currently reviewing five matched DNA results to known offenders in Oregon’s database. The matches come 6 months after Oregon began shipping previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits for testing. Oregon recently was awarded $1.9 million from the U.S. Department of Justice to test its backlogged SAKs, and law enforcement personnel are already seeing success from these efforts.

My View: Victim worries about rapist's release
Danielle Tudor, Portland Tribune, Mar 22, 2016
Over 30 years ago, Danielle, Tudor was raped by a stranger in her childhood home. Now she serves on the Portland Police Bureau's Sexual Assault Task Force, working with their team to help other survivors and ensure a victim-centered approach to testing and notification.

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Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative aims to create a coordinated community response that ensures just resolution to sexual assault cases. Through this program, funding is provided to support multidisciplinary community response teams engaged in the comprehensive reform of jurisdictions approaches to sexual assault cases resulting from evidence found in previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits.

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